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vacation france

Are you planning for a holiday? Have you decided on a place yet? If you haven't, why not consider a dream vacation in France; Bretagne to be exact, or Brittany as the English say? You could have the time of your life at the seaside of Bretagne with gorgeous accommodation at a French château, all at an affordable price. So why go anywhere else, and perhaps pay more, when you could go to the French countryside and enjoy the comfort and charm of a château in beautiful scenery? This is the perfect dream holiday.

My wedding

Soon I'm going to get married. I've been longing for this day for years now and now it's finally happening. We're going to have the wedding in Brittany in France which is a really romantic place. We've rented a chateau there and planned everything in detail. I think that this is going to be great! It's only one week until the wedding and we're going there in a couple of days to prepare for the wedding. I'm starting to get kind of nervous though, but it's going to be great!

Prova vin

Jag har funderat ett tag på om man ska gå på en vinprovning i Stockholm. Jag har sett annonserna ett par gånger och blivit väldigt sugen. Då kan jag ju ta med mig min fru och kanske ett par andra kompisar så har vi en trevlig kväll. Det skulle verkligen vara riktigt kul det tror jag. Jag måste ta och kolla lite grann med min fru om detta först, jag vet att hon gillar vin så hon borde tycka att det är en bra idé. Så det blir nog bra det.